How do you feel when I say the word time?

This time in the world has made your problems with time come to the forefront. Trying to work at home and homeschool. Working 14 hours shifts at a busy hospital. Not knowing what to do without the distractions of the world. Watching too much TV. Not … [Continue reading]

9 (Not so Little Things) that are Holding You Back

Clutter comes in many forms. It’s not just the extra coffee cups and photos you never look at or clothes that don’t fit and shoes that hurt your feet. Clutter can appear on your calendar, in your relationships and even in your heart and … [Continue reading]

Opening a New Chapter in a New House

Things are, at long last, fairly settled. Life is so different than it was last autumn, as if I set in motion a sort of storm that blew us out of house and home and landed us in another. And I’m glad I did. It’s turned out to be a house t … [Continue reading]

lowering your life’s requirements

I was walking through an airport in the early morning, and wanted to get a cup of coffee to wake me up. But then I saw a long line at Peet’s Coffee, and decided I didn’t need the coffee to be awake, happy or alive. When something becomes … [Continue reading]

Lightly Publication Day!

Publication day is here! Today, Lightly goes on sale everywhere and my heart is full of sparkles and rainbows. :) You can find it at Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Hudson, Indiebound, Target, Walmart, 800-CEO-Read, HMH and … [Continue reading]

Meditation, acceptance and relinquishing control with Kevin Janks

“Trying to control our thoughts is like trying to put a meteor out with a garden hose.” Kevin Janks No doubt we’ve all heard about the transformative power of meditation, but is it possible to access that power when uncertainty, … [Continue reading]

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Apartment Living

Note: This is a guest post from Julia Ubbenga of Rich in What Matters. Lately I’ve been happily fielding a not-so-surprising question: “Why are you raising your family in a 1,000-square-foot apartment?â€? Well, actually, the question usually sound … [Continue reading]

How to Start a Successful Blog in 2020

By Joshua Fields Millburn · Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Updated July 1, 2020Learn how to start a blog in less than an hour. Become a blogger today by following the steps we used when starting our blog, which now has reached more than … [Continue reading]

The Lost Art of True Rest

By Leo Babauta OK, calling this a “lost artâ€? is a bit of hyperbole, because there are some people who actually rest these days. But I don’t believe most people do it anymore. I could rail about the age of distraction (I’ve done that before), a … [Continue reading]

The freebie box

Article by 365 Less Things. Read entire story here. … [Continue reading]

Top Questions You Should Know the Answers Too, Before Getting a Personal Loan in 2020

Article by The Everyday Minimalist. Read entire story here. … [Continue reading]

Red Velvet Cake Smoothie

Sometimes you just need something indulgent and you need it fast: Enter, this red velvet smoothie. It captures the flavors and colors of red velvet cake but with wholesome ingredients like banana, beets, cocoa powder, and dates. Swoon! Just 5 … [Continue reading]

2020 Planning: A Checklist to Maximize Your Rewards

Link for teaser title: Tips to get the most out of your 2019 rewards and a roadmap to success in the... Article by Wise Bread. Read entire story here. … [Continue reading]

Mini Mission Monday ~ Life Change Clutter

Mini Mission Monday is about finding ten minutes a day to declutter. To make it easy for you, each Monday I set seven declutter missions, one for each day of the week for you to follow. It takes the guess work out of decluttering and makes it easy … [Continue reading]

Monday Morning Sustainability: Know your recycling

Trash Recycling with Disposal Containers | Photo via what can and can’t be recycled at your home and office and be diligent in sorting out items that can’t be recycled.If non-recyclable items are mix … [Continue reading]

Me, Myself and… Sports!

In the late months, I’ve seen quite a few people getting back in shape. Whether they did it to lose weight or simply to feel healthier, I’m always impressed by someone’s determination to get control of its life or appearance. Most of these persons did … [Continue reading]

Fudgy Vegan Beet Cupcakes

Before you say anything bad about these cupcakes, have you tried my chocolate covered sweet potato chips yet? Because if you have then you know I know a thing or two about desserts - just sayin’. I’ve been wanting to put beets in my d … [Continue reading]

How To Be Clutter Free with Joshua Becker

Here comes the first episode of The Midway Decluttering Show, where you’ll find tips and advice on how to declutter your first 100 items. (Click here for more information about the show) In this episode, my special guest is Joshua Becker of … [Continue reading]

Pay It Forward – Pies of Love in the Midst of Tragedy

A gift of a minimalist lifestyle is found time to direct resources toward philanthropy and volunteerism.  Pay It Forward is a regular feature to connect you with organizations doing good things for our world and to inspire you into action. I was so … [Continue reading]

Intro to 5 Super Safe Investments

We’re all looking for ways to maximize our money by earning a little interest. However, when we invest, we take on a certain amount of risk. The more risk we take on, the higher the potential return. If you want some returns, but aren’t … [Continue reading]

Debt Pay Off Calculators

Get rid of that debt for good. These new debt pay off calculators will help you plan out your strategy. Related Reading: Debt Repayment Plan Worksheet How to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates How to Eliminate Debt Quickly How to Pay Off Your … [Continue reading]

Valentine’s Day Countdown

To get you ready for the lovely day, here is a checklist for every day. To keep it simple you don’t need to do it every day. You can pick only the ones that sound like something you want to do. Feb. 1 Write a love note to your honey, detailing … [Continue reading]

Becoming A Morning Person

I’ve set myself a new goal… Become a Morning Person I hate mornings. I really hate mornings. I’m very much a ‘night’ person. I find that I am my most productive between the hours of 10pm – 3am. There’s no … [Continue reading]

Simplicity in Action: Tammy and CJ

Editor’s Note: This is a post in the series, Simplicity in Action. If you’d like to submit your story of how simplicity has worked in your life, please read more here. You can write about anything from decluttering a junk drawer to simplifying your di … [Continue reading]

Quietly Looking Forward

Most celebrations I know of are quiet ones, even solitary. The boozy, devil-may-care parties are fun in their time and context, but the ones where you just feel happy to have made it through another year reasonably intact are possibly more … [Continue reading]